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CCTV is now considered crucial in both crime prevention and detection. There are many types of cameras with different capabilities to meet a variety of objectives.


Types of


Hik micro dome CCTV
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Covert cameras

are small effective cameras that are hidden or disguised in a variety of objects or individually placed in an unseen position to catch the person in the act. Available with or without audio.
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Vandal resistant cameras

cannot be tampered with using a standard screwdriver. A specialised tool is required to change or access any settings.

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PTZ cameras

(pan, tilt & zoom) allow you to reposition and focus using a remote controlling device.

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ANPR cameras

(number plate recognition) are commonly used by busy commercial premises in conjunction with automated barriers.

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Thermal imaging cameras

offer outstanding performance for night vision, heat sensing and surveillance applications, including the ability to provide visibility through haze, dust, fog and smoke environments.

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Vehicle camera devices

are usually placed at the bottom of your windscreen in the centre. The device has two cameras, one facing the road ahead and one facing the driver. It records the time, date, speed and GPRS location.

From personal experience, we have found it superb!

Benefits of CCTV

If your intruder alarm texts to alert you of an activation, you can check on your CCTV on your phone etc.

You can view the CCTV on your TV within your property.

A static IP address allows you to remotely view the CCTV from your laptop, tablet and most phones. This is beneficial if you regularly work away from home, have issues with neighbours or local crime.

When carrying out a site visit, we are able to show you live CCTV footage to

verify the good quality cameras that we install.


We also offer a remote monitoring service for CCTV. The images are viewed 24/7 and if an intruder is located on the premises, the monitoring centre will alert the police.


Some of our existing clients who have had CCTV installed have been able to pass on images to the police, which in turn have resulted in arrests.

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Hik micro dome CCTV
CCTV live on mobile device
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